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Supporting and Guiding You with Compassion




A great coach can get you in the right frame of mind to be the best version of yourself. In today’s home and workplace landscape, people are under more pressure to perform successfully in life more than ever.


Work with Ron to create an individualized plan to address stress, tobacco cessation, weight and nutrition, addiction, anger management, sleep issues, overcoming fears and more. Sessions are designed to unpack confusion and anxiety about an individuals life issues and explore ways to move forward.


On-site workshops are a great way to educate your organization and give them tools they can use and work and in their everyday lives. These education sessions are focused on releasing stress, obtaining better communication skills and improving wellbeing holistically.


Each workshop is designed to create a positive impact on understanding stress and providing practical tips on how to help and learn best behaviors. Workshops can be tailored to focus on specific areas as needed. Perfect for groups of all ages.


Developed in Hawaii, our hypnosis shows are engaging and entertaining. Each show can be designed to be specific to your organization, school, fair or festival, holiday party or special celebration.


Sports hypnosis coaching performance training is something very professional athlete does whether they realize it or not. Our sports hypnosis coaching discovers ways to overcome mental blocks and help you master your performance and get in the "zone".



Aloha! Welcome to Ron Soderstrom Wellness and Performance Coaching.


Ron Soderstrom C.Ht. is fiercely dedicated to assisting you on your health and fitness journey! Helping you to achieve greater happiness and stress free lifestyles. Enabling you to enjoy the exhilarating benefits of healthy living.


Ron was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. As a very active youth, Ron traveled across the nation as a member of one of the top Drum and Bugle Corps, where he performed before large audiences at many major events. In addition to his musical career, Ron also discovered he was exceptional gifted as a skateboarder where he achieved sponsorship's from Zorlac Skateboards, Skate Rags and Fall Out Skateboarders where he tested and proved his skills for years as a competition skateboarder. During that time, Ron learned how to be successful through dedicated hard work and practice. It was during this time that Ron laid down his foundation for successful living.



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Success is chosen and created everyday. The more refined your skills are for success the easier it will be to gain all the benefits of healthy living.



“I had a few sessions with Ron when I was going through some tough things. Was very sad and broken. He helped me to refocus my thoughts and showed me a new way to view and work through my thoughts. With these new tools I was able to take steps towards healing and happiness. I would highly recommend Ron. He is calm, gentle but also firm in helping you stay on the right path.”

Annette J.


Everyone can achieve happiness by taking simple steps created through a wellness plan with a dedicated coach.

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Ron Soderstrom, C.Ht., N.L.P. Practitioner

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